07 February 2008

GOP Has No Candidates

With the departure of Mitt Romney today, that leaves no Republicans for the GOP candidacy. There's now RINO McCain and the Huckster. Of course the Huckster won't be long for the 2008 candidacy world and naturally that leaves McCain. Not long ago we were pining for a good Conservative. Now we're stuck without even a Republican.

Given that McCain has a history on stabbing Republicans in the back on immigration, embryonic stem cells, tax cuts, global warmism etc., I think it would be funny as hell if the Republicans stabbed him in the back at the convention and gave the candidacy to Jeb.

Meanwhile, the Log Cabin (pseudo)Republicans were orgasmic at the departure of Romney. LCR Prez Patrick Sammon thus gushed:

Today is a great day for the Republican Party. Nominating a candidate like Mitt Romney would have been a recipe for disaster in November and would have ensured a White House victory by the Democrats.

Just how is it a great day for the Republican Party when there's no Republicans running? Just how the hell does this square? Of course we shan't forget LCR delighted in attacking Romney instead of the liberals. I still have to wonder whose side they're on.

BTW, a few weeks ago I happened to be listening to Coast To Coast AM a few weeks ago. George Noory had one of those guys who predicts the future for the new year. This guy said that Jeb could come in and be nominated at the convention. I don't know how true that is, but it would be cool as hell if the GOP told McCain to go fuck himself and nominate Jeb.


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