12 March 2008

Spitzer, Nifong & Earle

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I read Kimberly Strassel's piece in the WSJ this evening. The following struck me:

Mr. Spitzer's main offense as a prosecutor is that he violated the basic rules of fairness and due process: Innocent until proven guilty; the right to your day in court. The Spitzer method was to target public companies and officials, leak allegations and out-of-context emails to a compliant press, watch the stock price fall, threaten a corporate indictment (a death sentence), and then move in for a quick settlement kill. There was rarely a trial, fair or unfair, involved.

On the substance, his court record speaks for itself. Most of Mr. Spitzer's high-profile charges have gone up in smoke. A New York state judge threw out his case against tax firm H&R Block. He lost his prosecution against Bank of America broker Ted Sihpol (whom Mr. Spitzer threatened to arrest in front of his child and pregnant wife). Mr. Spitzer was stopped by a federal judge from prying confidential information out of mortgage companies. Another New York judge blocked the heart of his suit against Mr. Grasso. Mr. Greenberg continues to fight his civil charges. The press was foursquare behind Mr. Spitzer in all these cases, and in a better world they'd share some of his humiliation.

The fact that Spitzer(D,NY) would often find "enemies" and take off on a slash and burn campaign to destroy them with little to nothing to go on reminded me of D.A. Ronnie Earle(D,TX) and D.A. Mike Nifong(D,NC).

Austin Texas D.A. Ronnie Earle (D), you may recall, is the one who empanelled no less than seven grand juries to secure an indictment of Rep. Tom Delay (R,TX). So far, Mr. DeLay has not been prosecuted. One would think that Mr. Earle would have brought a case by now, almost three years on.

Mr. Earle also filed charges and got an indictment, after raiding her office, against Rep. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R,TX) back in 1993. He had no evidence against her and tried to drop the charges at a pre-trial hearing. The judge didn't allow it and ordered the jury to return a "not guilty" verdict. Ronnie Earle, a major democrat contributor, clearly does the bidding of his masters and will attempt to destroy whomever they don't like.

Then there's Durham County (N.C.) D.A. Mike Nifong of Duke Lacrosse Team Scandal infamy. Nifong, with a victim whose story constantly changed, suppressed evidence, frequently talked about the case on talk shows, whipped up the Durham black community into a frenzy and ran for reelection on the case. Nifong was convicted of criminal contempt for false statements and has been disbarred. He spent at least a year destroying the lives of the players involved based on little or no evidence.

We know that liberals frequently lie and attempt to destroy people they disagree with. It's clearly even worse when they're in positions of power as in the case of these three. Consider also Sen. Harry Reid's (D,NV) abuse of power. Obviously liberals are dangerous people who will do whatever it takes to ruin your life and your reputation and rarely will they be held accountable.

What's worse is that they have a fawning media to back their plays.

UPDATE: Was listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show, from yesterday, this morning and he had this to say:
"Eliot Spitzer is what Mike Nifong wanted to be. If you really haven't followed Spitzer's career and you don't know much about him, Spitzer had to be Nifong's role model. I mean, this kind of excess -- no control, no discipline, pure exercise of political power to destroy people -- is exactly what Spitzer was engaged in."

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10 March 2008

How to Know Your Law Was a Bad Idea

When this has to be written to explain it:

www.BooksaMillion.com or www.Dummies.com

Now, my only experience with SOX was limited to a computer, at work, which would log out every 10 minutes and you'd have to log back in from the screen saver. It was pointless since we all used the same computer and had the same password.

Then there was the program we were using which SOX prohibited you from correcting easy mistakes. You had to either call a manager at 0300 to fix the problem or send them an e-mail about it and pray that they got it.

I've read several articles about SOX and have come to the conclusion that it's yet another stifling bad law with good intentions. It needs to go.

07 March 2008

Will Libs Protest Chavez??

A VERY good question from The People's Cube:

06 March 2008

Times Square Bombing?

Either there's been an explosion, or a device was tossed at the military recruitment office in Time's Square. I got a Fox News Alert e-mail at 0525:


I've checked Drudge, FNC, CNN, HNN, and BayNews9. So far, I can't find anything. VinceP pointed out a piece at FreeRepublic from All Bill Clinton News which states that a small explosive device was thrown.

Possibly our Code Pinkos from California?



Found my NES. Gonna play Mario Bros. for a day or so.

05 March 2008

Liberals Grant Chavez Tax Breaks

Last week, I pointed out how the liberals were telling Americans to go screw themselves by raising gas prices even higher. The Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 tosses out the tax cuts for the oil companies, which will raise prices, but includes tax cuts for Citgo. Citgo, of course, is owned by the Venezuelan state run PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.).

So while the liberals are punishing "Big Oil", which is one of their biggest enemies, they reward Hugo Chavez, who hates America. It would seem that there isn't a dictator they don't like. CNS News has the details and Michelle Malkin has even more on the subject. It was my understanding from GrassTopsUSA.com that Investor's Business Daily had a column about it, but I couldn't find it in a quick search.

04 March 2008

Is Orgasma Lying?

A thought occurs. According to the Pew Research Center, only 14% polled want the troops home from Iraq immediately. Barack HUSSEIN Orgasma and Hillary Clinton have both said they're going to do it. Remember, not too long ago, the liberals were whining that Bush wasn't doing "the will of the people" by keeping troops there? By that same logic, it looks to me that Hillary and Orgasma have no interest in following "the will of the people".

Besides, if it really was "the will of the people", it would not have taken Congress 60+ resolutions to piss on the Constitution and steal the CIC power from Bush.

The real question is whether or not Orgasma or Hillary have the balls to tell Iraq and the rest of the world "Screw you guys! We're going home!". Would they take responsibility for American defeat just to placate the MorOn.org and KOSholes? I doubt it and you should be suspicious as well.

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